Terms & Conditions


Company”, “We”, “Our”, or “Us” refer to the writerpro.com Website operated by Devellux Inc.

Website” refers to the writerpro.com website, mobile website, and mobile application. Website is a freelance platform for Experts searching for Customers in order to connect, deliver, pay for, or receive payment for the Services.

Account” means the profile with which you consent to use the Website and be represented to Company’s employees.

Customer” means and refers to any individual purchasing Content from the Company through the Website; OR refers to anyone submitting, bidding, or executing an Order, as well as uploading any information and transferring payments on the Website.

Content” means all information, text, materials, images, data, links, software, or other material accessible through the Website or Services, whether created by us or provided by another person for display on the Website or through the Services.

Expert” is a person engaged by the Company on a freelance basis to provide Services to the Customers. 

Order” refers to the factual request for a Service sent to Our Company by the Customer. It includes particular requirements and specifications regarding the sources to be used in the Product.

Product” is a result of delivered Service.

Draft” refers to the first version of the Product that has to be checked by the Customer and possibly changed, and so is not yet in its finished form.

Revision” is a request sent by the Customer for editing the final version of the Product based on the initial requirements of the Order.

“Refund”  is the repayment of funds back to the Customer’s payment account.

Final paper” is the final Product completed by the Expert.

Service” (Services) is provided by the Expert within a defined time frame and according to the Customer’s requirements in respect of educational matters. The Service encompasses all Order Statuses.

Bid” refers to an offer/particular amount of money for the order to be done. 

Bidding message” refers to the first “Welcome” message in the order chat while the order is in the bidding stage. Bidding messages must be personalized for each order and include the Expert’s understanding of the task and clarification questions (if any). 

Quality Assurance Department” refers to the Company's structural unit responsible for evaluating and protecting the quality of Our Products and Services. The Quality Assurance Department holds responsibility for investigating all disputed claims and remains impartial towards all parties.

Support Team” or “Support” refers to the Company's structural unit responsible for coordinating and assisting the Order and Services.

Account manager” or “Expert Manager” refers to the Company's structural department employees responsible for coordinating and assisting Experts. The Expert Managers Team holds responsibility for freelancers performing on the platform. 

“Upper Management” refers to the Company’s Senior management and individuals at the highest managerial level.

General information

The Company hereby engages the Expert to create original Content for the Company in the form of written materials.

By accepting these Terms and cooperating with the Company, the Expert acknowledges that (i) the Expert has read, understood, and agreed to be legally bound by the terms and conditions of these Terms, (ii) the Expert has ensured the fulfillment of certain provisions of these Terms before the start of cooperation, (iii) the Expert is at least 16 years of age, (іv) the Expert is legally eligible to provide education services in the jurisdiction where they provide the activity, and (v) the Expert has complied and will comply with all laws and regulations that are applicable to the Expert.


In order to provide Services, you will be requested to register by providing Your email and password or sign in via Facebook or Gmail account. Your account will be created based on the information you provide to us.

You agree to provide complete, accurate, and up-to-date information during the registration process and to update such information as necessary to ensure that it remains complete, accurate, and up-to-date. You may not register for an account on behalf of any person (other than yourself).

No person may have more than one active account at any given time. 

When you create your account, you will be asked to create a password, which you will be solely responsible for safeguarding. We encourage you to use “strong” passwords (passwords that use a combination of upper and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols). You agree not to disclose your password to any third party, and you agree to immediately notify Us of any unauthorized use of your account. You further acknowledge and agree that you will be solely responsible for any activities or actions on or through your account, whether or not you have authorized such activities or actions. We cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to comply with the above requirements.

Should any difficulties arise during the process of account creation, please contact our Support.


Verification is a procedure for confirming your identity. We must ensure that your account is safe and that only you and no one else is its owner. Each Expert on the Website goes through the verification procedure at least two times per year, but in some cases, this number can be much higher.

How does it work?

  • The Account Manager will contact you in the chat and send a link by which you must take two photos: a selfie and a photo of the documents you applied with.
  • Upon completing the procedure, you must inform the Account Manager that you have completed the task.
  • The Account Manager passes the information to the top management, who validate your documents.
  • If the photos were not of high quality or technical difficulties were discovered during the photo check, the Account Manager will send you a new link.
  • If you face difficulties from your side when going through the link, please get in touch with your Account Manager.

When should an Expert undergo verification?

  • At the beginning of the trial period
  • When changing personal data (phone number, email, payment method)
  • With an intense failure in the quality of work
  • At the personal request of the Account Manager, in case of ignoring messages, calls, or any other suspicious activity.

Expert’s conduct

Any time you perform Services on the Website, you are required to comply with our Expert’s Conduct guidelines, as set forth below.

You agree that you will not provide your Services to upload, share or store any information or otherwise act in any manner that:

  • Is intended to perpetrate a hoax or otherwise defraud, mislead or deceive any person
  • Violates, breaches, or circumvents any applicable local, state, federal, or other applicable law, rule, or regulation, including any ruling or order of a court or administrative body
  • Is copied from someone else or violates, breaches, or circumvents the rights of any person or entity
  • Promotes illegal or harmful activities.

You are not authorized to access or use the Website or Services:

  • To impersonate any person or falsify or otherwise misrepresent your identity, credentials, affiliations, or intentions;
  • To systematically retrieve information or content to create or compile, directly or indirectly, in single or multiple downloads, a collection, compilation, database, directory, or the like, whether by manual methods, through the use of bots, crawlers, or spiders, or otherwise;
  • If you are a person barred from providing Services under the laws of the United States or other applicable jurisdictions; 
  • For any other purposes that are not expressly permitted by the Terms
  • Access, copy, distribute, share, publish, use or store, or prepare derivative works from any Website content that belongs to the Company or to a third party, including works covered by any copyrights, trademark, patent, or other intellectual property rights, except with prior express permission of the person or entity party holding the rights to license such use;
  • To share your login credentials or transfer your account to another party without our consent; 
  • To circumvent our systems, policies, and determinations as to your account status, including by attempting to access or use the Website if your account has been suspended or canceled or you have otherwise been temporarily or permanently prohibited or blocked from using the Services.

Order placing and order process

There are four order statuses:

  • BIDDING - available orders experts can place their bid on.
  • IN PROGRESS - the order is assigned to an expert who is working on it.
  • COMPLETED - the order is accepted by the Customer and paid to the expert.
  • CANCELED - the order is canceled by the Customer/Support Team/Expert/Quality Assurance Manager.

Once the Order is created and published by the Customer, the Expert will find open assignments on the "Available orders" tab. There, Experts can use different sortings of the orders:

  • Most relevant (orders that are most suitable to the Expert's field of expertise are displayed at the top of the list)
  • New orders first (the orders are sorted according to the creation date)
  • Fewer bids first (the orders that have fewer bids are displayed on the top of the list)

When Expert gains access to the available Orders list, they may start BIDDING. Before placing a bid, an Expert must ensure that the topic, order description, amount of pages, type of service, and attached materials are correct, clear, and accessible. The Expert must ask the Customer to provide an additional explanation in the order chat or/and edit the order if needed and check the attached materials. And only after that an Expert may bid on the order and send a "welcome/bidding message" to the Customer. 

The bidding message should be unique and personalized for each particular Order. For example, it should involve some order details (how would you write the paper) or acknowledge the Expert’s past experience. The bidding message should not be a template.

To start writing, the Expert must wait for a Customer to accept the bid. While the order is IN PROGRESS, must stay in touch with the Customer. The Expert should provide the Customer with the drafts and any other requested updates. Work must always be done on time. 

Once the Order is completed and accepted by the Customer, it goes to "COMPLETED" status. The Order can be completed either by the Customer or automatically by the system. In separate cases, it can be done by the Support Team.  

A Customer may ask an Expert for revision with additional comments or because the Expert missed some points from order instructions. Experts should always cope with such requests and never leave them open as it may lead to order cancelation. The Customer has a right to request multiple revisions as long as it applies to the initial instructions. 

If the Expert did not complete the Order correctly, did not deliver it on time, or could not meet the Customer's needs after several revisions, the Customer has all rights to cancel the Order. In such a case, the Order will be checked by the Quality Assurance Team. The final decision about cancelation is always after the Quality Assurance Team. The Quality Assurance Team can also review the order cancelation per the Expert’s request in the cases when the Expert disagrees with the customer’s complaint. If the Customer cancels the order for a reason beyond the control of the Expert, the Quality Assurance Team will inspect the order and compensate the Expert if the paper meets the requirements.

The Expert can also cancel the Order if the Customer changes instructions, does not reply, or cannot provide the required material to complete the assignment (the last one applies only for the cases when the material is not available online).

Role of the company

You understand and agree that the Company is not a party to any Order, matched between you and the Customer, is not involved in or responsible for any work performed by you, is not involved in or responsible for any payment made under a certain Order, and has no control over any Customer. 

The Company does not have any power or authority to, and does not, determine any eligibility standards for any Order, select or contract any Expert to provide Services to a Customer, determine or control any term or condition of the Order, or cause any Expert or Customer to accept any Order or perform any Services. The Company's Escrow provides escrow services but does not guarantee that the Expert will be paid.

Service providing

You will respect the privacy of the Company and the Customers, and you will not make any unwelcome, rude or abusive communications or interact with the Customers in any unlawful, disrespectful, offensive, harmful or detrimental manner.

If you ever believe that the Customer has violated the law or is threatening or endangering you in any way, please contact your account manager.

You are solely responsible for all information that you submit or transmit through the Website.


Once you submit your information via our Website, it cannot always be withdrawn. You assume all risks associated with your Information, including anyone else’s reliance on its quality, accuracy, or reliability, or any disclosure by you of information that makes you personally identifiable.

You take sole responsibility for ensuring that the information does not contain any material that is illegal, false, intentionally misleading, defamatory, or violates any third-party right.

Direct interactions

Since communication between Customers and Experts takes place directly, without the involvement and control of the Company, Experts undertake to adhere to the following rules strictly:

  • Not to post their personal data and not to offer Services bypassing the Company
  • In the event that the Customer mistakenly places their personal data, the Expert must immediately notify the Support service, and in no case use the Customer's personal data
  • Not to contact the Customer in a way different from the provision of Services on the Website
  • It is strictly forbidden to blackmail Customers
  • Ignore Customer messages and/or respond to them in a rude and disrespectful manner
  • Request information that is not necessary for the performance of the Order.

The use of products

Since the Company engages an Expert to create original Content for the Company in the form of written materials, the cost of the Services/Content also includes the cost of intellectual rights to the created Services.

Accordingly, the Content belongs to the Company from the moment of its creation. Thus, Experts are strictly prohibited from using the created Content for commercial and non-commercial purposes, placing it in the public domain, and taking other actions without Company's permission.

In addition, the Expert understands and agrees that the Company is interested in receiving an original product created for an individual Order with individual requirements. Therefore, the use of works that belong to third parties or the compilation of existing works is inadmissible.

In addition, each Product/Content must pass the uniqueness test. Upon completion of writing the work, the Expert must check it for uniqueness using Grammarly Premium and Turnitin services. The paper should have no more than 5% of plagiarism. However, even 5% of intentional plagiarism may result in a revision/cancelation if the instructions specify a zero-plagiarism policy. 

If the uniqueness of the product is less than 95%, the order is considered not accepted and must be revised.

Intentional plagiarism is where one knowingly appropriates the work of others and passes it off as their own. This can include:

  • Cutting and pasting from the work of others without properly citing the authors;
  • Stringing together the quotes and ideas of others without connecting their work to your own original work;
  • Asserting ideas without acknowledging their sources, reproducing sentences written verbatim by others without properly quoting and attributing the work to them;
  • Making minor changes to the words or phrasing of another’s work (3 or more words in a row) without properly citing the authors.

Expert’s duties

During the course of cooperation with the Company, the Expert is obliged strictly to follow the following rules:

  1. The Expert undertakes assignments in a variety of disciplines strictly in accordance with the Customers’ requirements, these Terms, as well as Company’s recommendations and guides. 
  2. The Expert is obliged to follow requirements for papers, content, and format issued in the Company’s recommendations and guides as well as the instructions provided by the Customer. 
  3. The Expert obliges to check and ensure that the instructions and additional materials provided by the Customer correspond to the Order form placed by the Customer (service, number of pages/words, educational level, etc.).
  4. Before a start of work, the Expert must ensure a stable internet connection and the necessary tools to complete the tasks and communicate with the Customers, the Support Team, and the Account/Expert Manager.
  5. The Expert shall regularly check the Orders page and follow the deadlines of the assigned orders.
  6. The Expert must complete all tasks delegated by the Company before the scheduled deadline.
  7. The Expert agrees to research, write, and revise content as per request, following the standards set forth by the Company. For extensive orders (Orders consisting of more than 20 pages), the Expert is obliged to prepare and provide drafts per the Customer’s and/or Expert Manager’s request.
  8. The Expert is obliged to communicate with Customers, Support Team representatives, and their Account/Expert manager in an appropriate and timely manner in accordance with the Company’s recommendations and guides.
  9. The Expert must have a personal Premium Grammarly account registered under their name. The Expert shall share the login details of the Grammarly account with the Account/Expert manager for them to ensure a premium subscription. 
  10. The Expert must regularly proceed with the verification procedure (which requires taking a self-portrait photograph with ID) at the Account/Expert manager's request to confirm the ownership of the account. 
  11. The Expert is obliged to answer the phone calls from the Support Team and/or the Account/Expert manager. Only the account owner must be available via the phone number mentioned in the Expert’s profile. 
  12. The Expert must always enable two-factor authentication (2FA) upon registering. The Expert is also responsible for the confidentiality of his or her account in such a way that it cannot be used by third parties.
  13. It is illegal to reproduce or publish materials uploaded by Customers (order instructions or any other additional material) or other Expert/Experts.
  14. Mentioning the name of the Company/Website in conversation with the Customer in the chat is illegal as well.
  15. It is strictly prohibited to blackmail Customers, use their personal data, offer Expert services directly or indirectly, as well as perform other actions prohibited by these Terms.

Expert’s acknowledgements

Other than as stated in these Terms, Expert expressly acknowledges, agrees, and understands that: (i) the Company will not provide Expert with training or any equipment, tools, labor, or materials needed to complete their work; (ii) the Company does not provide the premises at which the Expert will perform the work; (iii) neither the Company nor its Affiliates is an employer of or joint employer or integrated or single enterprise with any Expert.


The Expert is solely responsible for the taxation of the income received as payment for the Services.

Disciplinary measures and penalties

The Expert can face penalties because of violations of the Company's rules and recommendations issued in writing guides. Penalties include restriction, probation, suspension, lock, and fines.

Restriction constitutes a temporary restriction of the Expert Account. It limits the ability to bid on new orders (except for bids from returning Customers).

Suspension is a temporary restriction of the Expert Account. It limits the ability to bid on new orders within a particular time frame. 

Probation is a disciplinary measure taken against the Expert after repeated violations of the Company's rules or continuous issues concerning the Expert’s performance. It implies the upper limit of orders and bids that the Expert can have in progress. The limit is decided at the Expert Manager's discretion. The probation may last for two weeks or more, depending on the decision of the Expert Manager.

Lock is a permanent block of the Expert Account for severe and repetitive violations of the Company's rules and these Terms and Conditions that lead to unsatisfactory performance and high financial losses. All Lock decisions are irreversible and made at the discretion of the Expert Manager, Quality Assurance Representative, or Upper Management.

The Expert Manager can issue penalties in separate instances of severe violations to compensate Customers’ expenses while replacing the order. The Expert could be restricted and/or fined up to 100% of the contract cost.

Your account may face penalties for the following violations:

  1. Quality-related:
  • The instructions were not followed (bidding without reading instructions)
  • Not willing to revise the paper
  • Poor quality of papers (contextual, grammatical, and/or syntax errors)
  • Uploading a wrong/fake file to avoid the penalty for not following the deadline
  • Failing to upload drafts
  • Negligence leading to Order cancellation, including but not limited to failing expensive orders.

Fake file refers to any file or document uploaded for the customer that has no connection to the assignment or the instructions whatsoever that are typically sent to circumvent our system’s deadline requirements. These include:

  • Papers from other orders, including ones “uploaded accidentally” (unless followed up by a proper file, in which case it will be treated as an honest mistake)
  • Reuploaded instructions
  • Requests for further clarifications or other messages sent outside of the chat
  • Any and all irrelevant and unsolicited materials uploaded in place of the required papers.

Bidding without reading instructions refers to performing a task without properly understanding or following the instructions and order’s technical details. This includes bidding for a paper that proves to be too complex for the Expert to handle or too small in terms of pages required, leading to either a cancellation or allocation of more funds to compensate for extra work required. This also includes ignoring specific structural, contextual, formal, and topic-related requirements as well as customer’s materials and clarifications (including inventing their personal details and biography, in case those are required, instead of asking them directly), leading to an incorrectly done assignment.

Failing an expensive order refers to any expensive order (typically $300 and higher) that was canceled either by the customer or the Expert, leading to a high financial loss. Expensive orders include complex assignments, extensive papers, dissertations, etc. Experts should not bid for such orders if they are unwilling or unable to commit to a long period of work (including potentially weeks-long or months-long periods of revision) and much more stringent instructions and feedback than usual.

  1. Plagiarism-related:
  • Plagiarized papers 
  • Reproducing or publishing materials that have previously been uploaded by the Company, Customers, or other Expert

Plagiarism is taking someone else's work and/or intellectual property without proper credit or permission and presenting it as one’s own. It refers to any type of academic dishonesty that includes directly copying someone else’s words, using someone else’s information but not properly citing it or correctly giving credit to the original source/author, and improperly giving credit, such as incorrect referencing or faulty web links to an online source, etc.

  1. Lateness-related:
  • Papers being uploaded after the deadline
  • Disregard of the time frames discussed with the Customer in the chat
  • Requesting for the deadline extension when an order is already assigned.

Lateness refers to any failure to meet the agreed deadline, including the order deadline set by the customer and/or the system as well as the deadline verbally agreed upon with the customer in the chat, in case such an adjustment is made. With the exception of extremely tight deadlines and unreasonable customers, any inability to meet the said deadline is treated as lateness and will involve disciplinary measures, with more severe cases of lateness being treated especially harshly.

  1. Communication-related:
  • Poor communication with the Customer
  • Ignoring Customers in the order's chat / late replies to the Customer's messages
  • Cancellation of the order/bid from the Expert’s side without notifying the Customer beforehand
  • Insensitivity 
  • False requests/clarifications.

Poor communication with the customer refers to demonstrating poor communication skills toward the customer. This includes poor grammar, rudeness, being confrontational or passive-aggressive, a general lack of politeness and professionalism, trying to plead with the customer to change the negative rating/review, to receive payment/more payment when they are unsatisfied with the work, or trying to undermine them, blackmail or threaten them for giving the Expert a negative review, as well as no or insufficient payment. Poor communication also refers to accidental or deliberate usage of any language other than English or the one specified in the instructions.

Insensitivity refers to any text, message, part of the assignment, or the like that features points and items that are considered insensitive and intolerant/bigoted in modern culture and academic environment. These include a person’s gender identity, sexuality, religion, cultural and ethnic background, socioeconomic position, etc. For instance, in case the Expert is a religious person with strong convictions against abortion or homosexuality, this should not be mentioned in the paper unless the customer clarifies that it is also their position. Moreover, expressing negative sentiments about any of these issues or factors may offend the customer, especially if whatever is stated applies to them personally.

False clarifications refer to the Expert requesting unnecessary clarifications, despite being provided clear instructions and necessary materials. These include but are not limited to:

  • Asking the customer for the articles or textbooks mentioned in the instructions despite their being uploaded already; 
  • Asking to clarify details explicitly stated in the instructions or order details (this includes company names, countries, titles of literary works, etc.); 
  • Clarifying the actual assignment (this and the previous point are forms of bidding without reading).

False requests for extra payment refer to any attempt by the Expert to request additional funds where no additional work is required or no fundamental change in instructions has occurred. This can take the form of requesting additional payment or a placement of a new order when no such need exists. For instance, the Expert may consider the number of pages ordered to be too low to prepare the assignment properly, requesting that the customer add funds despite them not requiring any further work (this also includes performing this work unsolicited, i.e. taking the initiative and doing more work and demanding compensation afterward). Another example is the customer clarifying the topic or the instructions, leading the Expert to think that the instructions were changed, making them ask for more payment.

  1. Terms and Conditions violations:
  • Trying to contact/contacting the Customer outside of the Website
  • Promising a discount to Customers or offering a lower price than the system allows
  • Refusing to do the work after the order has been assigned 
  • Mentioning the name of the Company/Website in conversation with the Customer in chat 
  • Ignoring  emails/phone calls from Company’s representatives
  • Ignoring verification procedures
  • Disabling 2FA without the Account/Expert Manager’s permission 
  • The account owner is not reachable via the phone 
  • Constant blackout and technical issues
  • Placing a bid for an urgent order and going offline (from 3 to 24 hours).ʼ

Blackouts and other resource issues are not considered valid excuses. We want you to be aware that it is irresponsible and it damages our reputation. If an Expert doesn't have all the necessary tools, including a stable internet connection, we will be forced to terminate our cooperation.

Payment & payouts

For payment and financial reporting purposes, we store only the following information: Expert’s first name and last name, photo of Expert’s ID, bank card/account number, email address, and mobile phone number. ‍


The Expert must stick to a verified payment method that is registered under their name; otherwise, such a request will not be processed. For a successful verification of a preferred payment method, Experts are to provide detailed information on the matter. Expert/Account managers and Support agents may ask for screenshots or photos proving the Expert’s hold of a particular account.

The Expert shall receive compensation for the work performed every two weeks. This amount shall be credited to the Expert’s account upon request. In order to perform this, the Expert generates a payout/withdrawal request using the Website's functionality. The Account Manager confirms the withdrawal on the day of payment. After that, the Billing department processes the payout using the Expert's payment details. 

Note: the payout date is announced in advance every two weeks. Also, a previously completed Order may be canceled by the Customer, Support Team, or the Quality Assurance Department within six months after the order completion in the frame of the Refund process. In this case, the payment amount Expert received upon the order completion will be deducted from the Expert’s current balance. The previously completed order can be canceled due to quality problems, plagiarism, or bad grade/feedback.


The Company agrees to compensate the Expert for the Services provided. The payment for the Product is calculated according to the сompany's pricing, as stated in the Order from the moment the scope of work is identified.

While placing a bid for an order, the system automatically forms the minimum price the Expert can offer the Customer. The Expert has the full right to exceed the minimum bid and explain this in the chat with the Customer if necessary.


You acknowledge and agree that we are not responsible for any breaches of credit card or other payment method security or privacy.

You represent and warrant that:

  • Payment method information you supply to us is applicable, true, correct, and complete;
  • You are duly authorized to use such payment method;
  • You will pay any charges that you incur in connection with the Services, including any applicable taxes;
  • Charges incurred by you will be honored by your payment method company;
  • You will report to us any unauthorized or prohibited access or use of your account.

Order complaint review

The Support Team often receives Customer complaints about papers provided by Experts. These complaints may refer to canceled and completed Orders, as well as orders in progress. Customers usually complain about a bad grade received for the paper, poor quality, plagiarism, and other issues. Such complaints are addressed by our Quality Assurance team.

The assigned QA Manager reviews the Customer's claim and any available/provided proof and starts investigating the case. They check the instructions, the chat, and the paper to ensure a fair review and consider both parties' points. Due to its unique nature, every order is investigated separately, so the results of the QA review may also differ.

Upon the review, the QA manager may go for one of the following resolutions:

  1. If the issue in question is confirmed and the Expert’s fault is evident, the QA manager may cancel the order (choosing a relevant reason) and approve a 100% Refund for the Customer. In such a case, the Expert does not receive payment for the Order. 
  2. If the complaint is only partially valid or the issue caused by the Expert is not as severe as claimed, the QA manager may opt to cancel the order but release a partial payment. For the Expert, the release of 1%-69% results in cancelation, and the release of 70%-99% means underpayment. In both cases, the Expert receives partial payment for the Order.
  3. If the issue that the Customer complains about cannot be proved or is not the Expert’s fault, the QA manager may release full payment and complete the order or opt for underpayment if the paper contains minor issues.

NOTE: If the review reveals any violations from the Expert’s end or any paper issues NOT related to the subject of the complaint, the QA manager can still opt for resolution options #1 or #2.

Transfer of copyright

By posting or submitting any Content to the Website, you transfer the copyright ownership of this Content to the Company (including, without limitation, the exclusive rights to use, reproduce, edit, modify, adapt, publish, translate, distribute and/or sell the Content in whole or in part in any and all forms and media, now or hereafter known) without limitation on territory and timeframes.

By posting or submitting Content to the Website, you also warrant that it is your original work, which has not previously been published and is not under consideration by a third party.

Limitation of liability

The Company will not be liable to a member, visitor, user, or any other person or entity for any damages that result from the use of – or the inability to use – the website. Nor is it liable for reliance on the information contained in the website, support services, or for any consequential, incidental, indirect, punitive, special, or similar damages, even if advised of the possibility of such damages.

The company, its affiliates, any officer, director, employee, subcontractor, agent, successor, or assignee of the company or their affiliates will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages of any kind whatsoever. This includes, without limitation, attorney's fees and lost profits or savings in any way due to, resulting from, or arising in connection with this website, including its content.

The Website might contain links to other websites over which the Company does not maintain control. Any concerns regarding any such service or resource, or any link thereto, should be directed to the particular service or resource. Continued use of this Website following any change constitutes acceptance of the change.

The Company makes no representations about and does not guarantee the truth or accuracy of Customers' personalities on the Website; the ability of Customers to pay for the Services; or that Customers can or will actually complete a transaction.


It is forbidden to:

  • Mention on any social media (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) that you work for our Website as well as the related websites through which the company offers its services to Customers;
  • Mention the name of the Website in communication with the Customer;
  • Mention your personal data (name, location, email, phone number) in communication with the Customer;
  • Add your personal data (name, location, email, phone number) to the Product content. 


The Company merely provides a platform for providing Services and communication between Experts and Customers. The Company does not have any responsibility or control over the Expert Services that Customer purchases, except in cases when the Company receives complaints made by Customers. Nothing in this Agreement deems or will be interpreted to deem Company as Expert’s agent with respect to any Services or expand or modify any warranty, liability, or indemnity stated in the Terms.


You agree that as an Expert, you are solely individually responsible for the content of any work submitted to the Company and/or its Customers. You also agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Company, its owners, and employees with respect to any claims based upon the submissions to the Company and/or its Customers.


You acknowledge and agree to all of the following statements:

  • Authorship rights and ownership of all Products created by the Expert are automatically transferred to the Company and/or its Partners. The Expert agrees to destroy any delivered Products after the Company gets them. No copies for redistributive purposes are allowed, nor are Our Products to be used elsewhere without proper consent or citation.
  • Our Company makes no warranties or representations of warranties regarding Our Website or its materials, stated or implied, that arise by law or otherwise. This includes, without any limitation, a warranty of merchantability or suitability for a non-infringement, particular purpose, or any other implied guarantee or warrant that arises from the performance or deal encompassing trade.
  • The Company disclaims all liability in connection with any interactions, correspondence, transactions, and other dealings that you have with any third parties, including without limitation Customers found on or through the Website are solely between you and the third party (including issues related to the content of third-party advertisements, payments, services, warranties (including product warranties), privacy and data security, and the like.
  • Under no circumstances will we be liable for any loss or damage caused by your reliance on the information in any content on this Website. It is your responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, opinion, advice, or other content available through this Website.
  • The Company is not liable or responsible for any results generated through the use of the Website. We provide no warranty of any kind, either express or implied.


Warranties taken by the Experts are:

  • You represent and warrant that you are capable of fulfilling the Product per the Customer’s request;
  • You warrant that you will keep all your information up to date on the Website by notifying the Company of any changes that would affect the accuracy of such Services;
  • You acknowledge and agree that the Company may display advertisements on the Services in connection with your work without any payment obligation to you;
  • You agree to use good faith efforts to provide Customers a professional-quality education experience;
  • You are legally eligible to provide education services in the jurisdiction where you provide your activity;
  • You have complied and will comply with all laws and regulations that are applicable to you.


Our collection and use of information about Experts are governed by our Privacy Policy. As part of providing the Services, we may need to provide you with certain communications, such as service announcements and administrative messages. These communications are considered part of the Services, which you may not be able to opt out from receiving.


These Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy are the only agreement between You and Us regarding the Services and supersedes all prior agreements for the Services and supersedes any prior agreements between us for actions occurring after the effective date of these Terms. 


If any provision of these Terms is held by a court or other tribunal of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable for any reason, such provision will be eliminated or limited to the minimum extent such that the remaining provisions of the Terms will continue in full force and effect.

These Terms are the complete and exclusive statement of the agreement between you and the Company concerning the Services and/or any information or other materials available on, through, or in connection with the Services. These Terms replace and supersede any prior or contemporaneous oral or written agreement and any other communications between you and the Company.

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If you have questions about these Terms, you may contact us by email at support@Expertpro.com.

Changes to the terms

The Company regularly reviews these Terms and may revise or update them at our sole discretion. We will post the changes or information about them on our Website, and we will notify you of major modifications by email or through our Website. The most recent version of these Terms will be maintained on the Website.

Typically, we will try to give you some warning before the new terms become effective. However, sometimes changes will need to be made immediately, and if this happens, we will not give you any notice.